Business model

GeoPark has a business model based on five core elements:

Business model
  • Explorer: The capacity, creativity, experience and methodology to find and develop oil and gas reserves, with the ability, economics and good science to take the necessary managed risks.
  • Operator: The ability to execute in a timely manner and with the necessary know-how to profitably drill, produce, transport and sell our oil and gas and at a low price, all with the drive and creativity to find solutions, overcome obstacles, seize opportunities and achieve results.
  • Consolidator: The ability to put together the right balance in our portfolio so that our upstream assets are in the right basins and the right regions, and we are working with the right partners and at the right price, coupled with the vision and skill to reshape and improve the different environments.
  • Risk and economic management: The ability to consistently grow and build value through effective planning, balanced work programs, cost efficiency, dependable access to capital, and reliable communications with our shareholders. It’s also the ability to identify and mitigate the risks between the subsurface and what’s above the ground (financial, organizational, market, partners and shareholders, social, regulatory and political) to improve our economic value through financial management.
  • Culture: The commitment to build a performance-driven and trust-based culture that values and protects our communities, employees, environment and shareholders to underpin and strengthen our long-term plan for success. Our culture is based our integrated value system known as SPEED, and it is at the core of everything we do.